Are Your Affiliates Cheapening Your Brand?

Are Your Affiliates Cheapening Your Brand?

Affiliate marketers are your personal army of salespeople who are willing to work for nothing but the potential commission. On the surface, it seems like any business with support like that has it made. You get customers through your affiliates without doing any of the work – inexpensive, easy, and effective. If you look just [...]

Video Marketing Gone Wild?

Video Marketing Gone Wild?

If you think video marketing is hard or don’t like to create your own videos then you’ll want to check out Simple Video Pro. In fact, if you’ve never used video before you might just dive in after learning about how powerful and unique Simple Video Pro is. Watch This Video Notice the clickable embedded [...]

Get the Website Traffic You’ve Always Dreamed Of

There are a wide range of ways to get more traffic to your website and a lot of the things you can do are actually quite simple. So much of the time, individuals seem to think that getting their name out there is a long and tough process but it truly is just something that [...]

The Top Benefits of PPC Campaigns

The Top Benefits of PPC Campaigns

PPC Campaigns are ‘Pay Per Click’ campaigns meaning in short that they pay out only when someone clicks on them. If you run a website, then this represents a great opportunity to bring traffic to your site – and the good news is that if no one clicks on the ads to get to your [...]

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

Writing a blog post can be a lot like creating a landing page. You have a specific action you want the reader to take such as buying, subscribing, sharing or clicking through to some other link. There are headlines and subheadings to grab and keep your reader’s attention. Having the right structure for your blog [...]

Free Shirt Friday –

Free Shirt Friday -

This week’s free t-shirt was courtesy of They are an affiliate network like PeerFly. If you’re looking for an affiliate network to join check them out. About RevenueStreet represents the next generation in Affiliate Networks. RevenueStreet is a global performance-based marketing firm, specializing in lead generation and customer acquisition. RevenueStreet is a division [...]

Self-Taught Internet Entrepreneurs – 5 Points to Always Remember!

Self-Taught Internet Entrepreneurs – 5 Points to Always Remember!

Whether you are just starting out, or have been an Internet entrepreneur for a while now, there are certain points of it that you should never neglect, no matter what your niche may be. It’s likely that each of us will lose focus on one, or all of them at some point, which is why [...]

Free Shirt Friday – PeerFly

Free Shirt Friday - PeerFly

This week’s Free Shirt Friday is brought to you by PeerFly. Wait, isn’t today Saturday? Well, you’d be right. With a two year old and a newborn it’s not that hard to forget what day of the week it is. So what is PeerFly? In their own words PeerFly is a one-of-a-kind cost-per-action based affiliate [...]

Ad Design Cheat Sheet for Online Advertising

The guys over at came up with this nice little infographic that outlines some of the best techniques for designing your next ad. It can also help you with ideas to split test your existing ads.

SimpleReach Slide Plugin Case Study Summary

SimpleReach Slide

If you’ve been following my SimpleReach Slide case study you know I’ve been trying to get visitors to stay on my blog longer. The plugin is designed to alert visitors to other interesting content on the blog once they finish reading the current page. When I first started using the plugin the statistics for my [...]