Getting Some Social Links Out of Foursquare

This is a guest post by Shaun Hinklein who is the editor of Social Marvels and a Social Media Director located in New York.


Many brands and businesses believe that unless they have a location-savvy market appeal they don’t benefit from the social gains of networks like GoWalla or FourSquare. That’s definitely not the case and I’m going to show you why.

Besides going mobile and accessing the network anywhere you want (as is the case with most of the social networks out there), Foursquare allows you to customize your check-ins with data that links out to your network.


This means when checking in automatically, a field is being left untapped that can be customized with additional data, links, and tags. Mobile services and apps don’t leverage this functionality and many dashboards ignore it completely, but not HootSuite.


Authorizing the app with another social network will build out your FourSquare dramatically giving you a base to build from. Syndicating posts is crucial for content and FourSquare is no exception. Networks should not be excluded just because businesses assume they don’t fit the role. It’s the job of a social hero to show them otherwise.

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