SimpleReach Slide Plugin Case Study Summary

SimpleReach Slide

If you’ve been following my SimpleReach Slide case study you know I’ve been trying to get visitors to stay on my blog longer. The plugin is designed to alert visitors to other interesting content on the blog once they finish reading the current page. When I first started using the plugin the statistics for my [...]

Case Study: SimpleReach Slide Plugin Third Week Update

Here are the results for the third week of my SimpleReach Slide plugin case study. Average Time on Site: 00:02:22 Bounce Rate: 66.31 Pages/Visit: 1.78 Everything had positive movements with the exception of the bounce rate which increased slightly. If you look at the previous results you will see that the average user time on [...]

Case Study: SimpleReach Slide Plugin Second Week Update

This is the second week into my SimpleReach slide case study. Here are the current statistics for traffic over the last 30 days on the site. Average Time on Site: 00:02:09 Bounce Rate: 65.96 Pages/Visit: 1.75 The average time a visitor stays on the site has increased a little bit over last week while the [...]

Case Study: SimpleReach Slide Plugin First Week Update

SimpleReach Slide Case Study

Last week, I started a case study about using the SimpleReach Slide plugin to increase visitor time on my site. The numbers at the start were as follows: Average Time on Site: 00:01:48 Bounce Rate: 67.62% Pages/Visit: 1.72

Case Study: Will the SimpleReach Slide Plugin Increase Visitor Time on Site

SimpleReach Slide

When a visitor lands on your blog you want them to stay and read as much of your content as possible. The SimpleReach Slide plugin is designed to help visitors discover more of your content. The way it works is after the reader reaches the end of a post the plugin slides out and recommends [...]