How I Used a WP Plugin to Sell Itself and Made $114.23 in One Week

I recently ran across a digital products marketplace called JVZoo. It’s a place where merchants can place their e-books, WordPress plugins and other digital products for sale through the JVZoo platform. They take care of delivery and payments so can be really convenient for a seller.

JVZoo also has an affiliate program so I signed up and within 10 minutes was ready to select a product to start promoting. I checked out their current hottest selling products and found a WordPress plugin called Covert Action Bar. What it does is popup a little bar at the top of your blog and make a little beep sound just like when your browser closes a real popup. Users are used to clicking the bar to make it go away and this is the hook that the plugin uses to get people to click it.

I decided to buy the plugin and installed it on this blog.

Covert Action Bar

Now I wouldn’t recommend making it totally like a fake browser message as this will just hurt your credibility in the long run. What I did instead was to change the text seen in the bar to promote the plugin itself. When the user clicks on the bar they are then taken to the plugin’s sales page via my affiliate link. This way the user has already been pre-sold and have seen the bar in action.

WP Plugin Sales

After doing this for about a week I have made $114.23 in commissions so far. Luckily this is not how I make a living but it’s not a bad chunk of change either for very little work.

Disclaimer: These results are unique to me. Please perform your own due diligence.


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