Why You Should Read Launch By Michael Stelzner

Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition“If you’ve been let down by the undelivered promises of marketing, Launch is for you.”

That was the first line in the description for Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition by Michael Stelzner. I’ve had my fair share of marketing let downs so I didn’t have to read much further to know this book was for me. Unless you’re already a marketing genius you’ll probably want to check it out as well.

The Elevation Principle Formula

GC + OP – MM = G

Great Content” plus “Other People” minus “Marketing Messages” equals “Growth” is what the author calls the Elevation Principle. He used this principle to grow SocialMediaExaminer.com into one of Technorati’s top 10 small business blogs.

“Any person in any industry, from start-ups to name-brand corporations, can give away valuable content and make money” says Michael Stelzner. He demonstrates this by giving away the first chapter of Launch for free at his website.

I went out and bought a hardcopy of the book and will post a detailed review once I get through reading it.

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