Getting Some Social Links Out of Foursquare


This is a guest post by Shaun Hinklein who is the editor of Social Marvels and a Social Media Director located in New York. Many brands and businesses believe that unless they have a location-savvy market appeal they don’t benefit from the social … [Continue reading]

Case Study: SimpleReach Slide Plugin Third Week Update

Here are the results for the third week of my SimpleReach Slide plugin case study. Average Time on Site: 00:02:22 Bounce Rate: 66.31 Pages/Visit: 1.78 Everything had positive movements with the exception of the bounce rate which increased … [Continue reading]

Free Shirt Friday – Raven Internet Marketing Tools

Free Shirt Friday Raven Internet Marketing Tools

This weeks Free Shirt Friday is brought to you by Raven Internet Marketing Tools. Raven Internet Marketing Tools is an online platform that helps users quickly research, manage, monitor and report on SEO, social media and other Internet marketing … [Continue reading]

The 5 Essential Ingredients in Movement Marketing


This is a guest post by James who regularly writes about internet marketing, including movement marketing. Do you have an online business, but it hasn’t taken off like you had hoped? You see plenty of online businesses thriving, but you have yet … [Continue reading]

How I Used a WP Plugin to Sell Itself and Made $114.23 in One Week

WP Plugin Sales

I recently ran across a digital products marketplace called JVZoo. It's a place where merchants can place their e-books, WordPress plugins and other digital products for sale through the JVZoo platform. They take care of delivery and payments so can … [Continue reading]

Case Study: SimpleReach Slide Plugin Second Week Update

This is the second week into my SimpleReach slide case study. Here are the current statistics for traffic over the last 30 days on the site. Average Time on Site: 00:02:09 Bounce Rate: 65.96 Pages/Visit: 1.75 The average time a visitor … [Continue reading]

Free Shirt Friday – Blekko

Free Shirt Friday Blekko

The last Free Shirt Friday was brought to you by the letter A so it would only make sense to follow it with the letter B. B is for Blekko the spam free search engine. B is also for baby brother which Alyson hopes to welcome sometime tomorrow if … [Continue reading]

Case Study: SimpleReach Slide Plugin First Week Update

SimpleReach Slide Case Study

Last week, I started a case study about using the SimpleReach Slide plugin to increase visitor time on my site. The numbers at the start were as follows: Average Time on Site: 00:01:48 Bounce Rate: 67.62% Pages/Visit: 1.72 … [Continue reading]

How to GEO Redirect Based on Country

GEO Redirect

If you do any CPA marketing you'll notice that most of the offers are restricted to certain countries or have different links depending on the country. Here's what I do to redirect visitors to different links depending on the country as determined by … [Continue reading]

Free Shirt Friday – Acquisio

Free Shirt Friday Acquisio

This inaugural edition of Free Shirt Friday is brought to you by the letter A. A is for Acquisio which generously gave me this t-shirt when I visited their booth at SMX West 2012. A is also for Alyson who is proudly modeling the shirt. She makes a … [Continue reading]